WP 9 -  Dissemination and exploitation 

Lead beneficiary: TEKNOLOGISK INSTITUT - Denmark

Period: month 1-36


- Dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project, in terms of materials and technologies employed.
- Creating awareness on project results. Market and exploitation scenario.
- Dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project, in terms of materials and technologies employed
Agreements among partners. Economical evaluation and market data analysis.
- Exploitation strategy: Articles, Conferences, Seminars, Web site, Communications
- Diffusion of project results to industry
- Project Web Site

Description of work and role of partners

Task 9.1: Dissemination of results and knowledge 
The main aim of the dissemination activity is to make sure that even organisations outside the consortium but
active within the field of the project can follow the project proceeding.
All dissemination tools available will be used to disseminate innovations and results concerning the research
activities, for spreading contents to as much as possible people. Events fitting to the thematic area will be
carefully chosen for participating and promoting project topics.
Information and dissemination materials and activities will be an important aspect also of the exploitation policy
for the project results. Creating awareness about the new breakthrough technology developed will be in the
primary interest of the Consortium, both in the scientific Community and in industry. Scientific papers, books and
information materials will be produced particularly preceding and following the training and reporting activities.
Such information will be distributed at Conferences, in scientific journals and on the web. As an element of
dissemination, the users will set up showrooms (to be used also in exploitation) of the products developed.
Dissemination activities involve also the presentation of the project during conferences or workshops.
Distribution of the activities will be as follows:
9.1-1: Project brochure and posters, and updates 
9.1-2: Quarterly Press release 
9.1-3: Publishing of articles
9.1-4: Participation at conferences and fairs 

Task 9.2: IPR Management 
The aim is to ensure proper exploitation of the knowledge created in the project via first of all monitoring the
patent situation in the field and checking patents deposits by the partners or the available of patentable results
which other partners may be interested to cover. The task will be assisted by the proper exploitation board
created at the beginning of the project.
The share of IPR is already addressed in the Consortium Agreement which represents the general frame. Such
IPR principles define areas in which each partner will eventually claim property rights.

Task 9.3: Exploitation of project results. 
Promoting exploitation of the project results and stimulating new applications:
• Define the Technology Readiness Levels of the components of the SafetyPack system
• Set up an exploitation plan to help identify potential markets
• Actively look for additional food applications for the SafetyPack modules and systems.
An exploitation plan, establishing commercial and licensing agreements within and outside the consortium, will
be implemented and updated regularly. A business plan will be drawn up taking account of the technical and
economical analysis addressed primarily to the European market. The SafetyPack inspection system developed
will be of course a primary exploitable results in terms of potentials for economic impact.
Concept for commercialisation will be defined: shortening of production methods and their improvement by
quality assurance allow an optimisation of product development and the production chain. Public relations
and target user groups. The combination of the project group provides a close integration of research and
development all the way from prototype production and manufacture up to the end-user, covering all the chain. A
link will be established with national user networks and with European networks. The experience and access to
different sectors will strongly contribute to extending the knowledge of this technology to other end-users.
9.3-1: Exploitation plan
9.3-2: Economical and market analysis for machines 
9.3-3: Economical and market analysis of users 

Task 9.4: Short courses by training on focused topics
Short courses on focused topics will be given by FT & MAREL in order to train the consortium and especially the
end users on the functionalities, features and operation of the SafetyPack Inspection System.

Task 9.5: Project web-site
Implementation of the web-site related to the project. The web-site will be periodically updated. A private section
of the web-page will be implemented as a document management platform.