WP 8 - Sensors Inline Industrial Implementation 

Lead beneficiary: FT SYSTEM S.R.L. - Italy

Period: month 24-36


This WP will manage the following activities:
- Verification of the machine performance, under different process conditions
- Definition of proper calibration procedures for optimization of machine performance

Description of work and role of partners

The overall objective of WP8 is the implementation and demonstration of the SafetyPack system in the chosen
end user cases. The implementation and demonstration will be conducted by the system supplier FT/GPX/Lpro.
It will be done in the following steps:

Task 8.1: Plan for the installation of the SafetyPack system 
Evaluation of the production facilities at SM and LS’s factory. Study of research and prototypes in WP2, WP3
and WP6 in order to evaluate what equipment can be used for the industrial implementation. General plan of the
set-up and test at both SM and LS.

Task 8.2: Design of the SafetyPack system to be installed at SM, LS 
Integration into SM’s and LS's existing production facilities. Design of equipment to be used between the
prototypes produced in other WPs.

Task 8.3: Construction and production of the SafetyPack system to be installed at SM, LS 

Task 8.4: Installation at SM, LS 
. Installation and first tests as a total turn-key system of:
• SafetyPack system
• Connecting equipment
• Software systems
Task 8.5: Test and demonstration at SM, LS with different bakery and dairy products (ALL) [M28-36]
• Practical test on minimum 10 different bakery products and 10 different dairy products
• Demonstrations for minimum 50 different companies in the bakery and dairy business