WP 7 - Sensors Offline Industrial Implementation 

Lead beneficiary: L PRO SRL - Italy

Period: month 16-26

Providing the end users with two types of offline instruments: one completely stand alone and manually operated
and a second integrated in an offline/at-line combination integrated in the inline main path.
The sensors will be either for transparent or for non-transparent packages according to the end user final
product. This WP will manage the following activities:
- Verification of the machine performance, under different process conditions
- Definition of proper calibration procedures for optimization of machine performance

Description of work and role of partners

Task 7.1: System Customization
Customization of SafetyPack system for the offline installation, optimized for the particular selected production
items, for transparent and for non-transparent packages

Task 7.2: Installation of the system in the production line
The system will be installed on the selected industrial production line of both Santa Maria and Latteria di
Soligo according to the case studies selected on WP1. The installation will be offline with the aim to inspect the
production according to statistical check.

Task 7.3: Optimization of the performances 
The two installed off line inspection systems will be optimize according to the production line characteristics and
the packaging to be inspected.

Task: 7.4: Final tests and validation
When the previous task will be terminated both systems will be finally tested with end user operator, and the
performances will be validated according the end user quality control department.