WP 4 - Sensors Laboratory Validation 

Lead beneficiary: TEKNOLOGISK INSTITUT - Denmark

Period: month 3-12


The aim of WP4 is the validation of the new sensors and measurement methods to the existing and official
measurement methods. The validation will be performed of a national and international approved packaging
laboratory. Validation are done for:
• Empty packaging with known test gasses
• Milk products
• read products

Description of work and role of partners

The scope of WP4 is to document that the new SafetyPack measure headspace just as precise as official
invasive test methods under realistic production situations. The validation will be done in following steps:
Task 4.1: Laboratory evaluation 

Evaluation of the new measuring methods test results up against different invasive and official test procedures
for all the mentioned packages. Under these laboratory measurements several tests of wrong
function and noise will be introduced in order to simulate possible factors in production environment able to give
poor data results.

Task 4.2: Validation of SafetyPack system under first tests 
The evaluation of the SafetyPack system measurements will be evaluated up against official test procedures.

Task 4.2 will be performed under the first tests of the industrial system both after production at the partners and
later under installation in different companies.

Task 4.3: Validation of SafetyPack system simulating full production
Under the installation and demonstration at the industrial cases the SafetyPack system will be validated again
randomwise. Full documentation of the SafetyPack system will be produced.