WP 10 - Project coordination and management 


Period: month 1-36


-Management of the implementation plan of the project, assessment of progress, updating and reporting
-Fulfilling tasks and obligations on the basis of the EC contract and Consortium Agreement
-Organizing and running the various meetings of consortium bodies and competence groups
-Assuring a smooth flow of organizational issues
-To coordinate and manage the project and the consortium
-Overall coordination of the Work Packages
-To monitor the progress of the project in completing tasks and achieving deliverables and milestones
-To manage the communication between all stakeholders
-To perform the administration and financial management

Description of work and role of partners

Work Package 10 is concerned with project management and further development, and is responsible for all of
the other work packages. CNR-IFN is leading this work package.

Task 10.1:Overall Project and Consortium management
-Supervision of financial, legal, ethical and administrative management
-Organisation of and chairing of GA meetings

Task 10.2:Overall management of work packages 
-Coordination and revision of the performance, the timing and the quality of the work progress
-Monitoring the members work execution according to the project planning
-Reports reviewing to ensure a successful and efficient implementation of the project work
-Organisation and chairing of the TMT meetings

Task 10.3:Communication management 
-Communication with the European Commission
-Internal communication between consortium members using, among other tools, the web platform and the
Consortia meetings.