WP 1 - Final applications concepts definition 


Period: month 1-6


-Definition of the technical requirements of the selected final applications, in terms of performances, packaging
types, MAP characteristics, inspection time, production throughput, etc., safety and health, and regulations.
-Definition of inspection unit and process to achieve final requirements.
-Methodology for thorough analysis of requirements in future applications.
-Requirements of the SAFETYPACK inspection unit (productivity, economy, resolution)

Description of work and role of partners

Task 1.1: Description of final applications 
Systematic and thorough description of all relevant physical, geometrical, legal, etc. information about the
selected final case applications. Definition of expected improvements thanks to new inspection system.

Task 1.2: Definition of inspection system technical specifications to meet the requirements of final applications
Systematic and thorough description of all technical issues (for machine concept and design) to be tackled in
order to fulfil the requirements of final applications.

Task 1.3:Definition of final Quality Control Inspection Plan (QCIP) to validate final implementation 
Definition of all dimensional and tolerances, technical characteristics in order to ensure system functionality, with
reference to all requirements established in Task 1.1.
Definition of the most appropriate inspections techniques and their maximum permissible uncertainties for
verifying conformance to specifications.

Task 1.4: Design rules white paper for the hybrid process 
A guide for good practices, technical requirements and practical design rules for the new inspection system will
be consolidated coming from the knowledge acquired in the application cases. It will also include worldwide
regulatory requirements or standards and will be used as knowledge base for applications in other sectors.